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One-on-one Methodology Consultation

Are you doing a qualitative or mixed methods study?

Are you having difficulty determining the purpose of your study and/or constructing research question(s)?

Are you having issues with creating interview questions, collecting appropriate data, analyzing qualitative data, mixed methods data and/or presenting findings?

Are you unsure about the appropriate qualitative data analysis software (QDAS) to use?


If your answer to any of the questions is yes, you can contact Dr. Philip Adu for a one-on-one methodology consultation.


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Methodology Consultation Inquiry

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Webinars/Workshops on Qualitative Approaches and Mixed Methods Designs

Do you want Dr. Philip Adu to present in your institution, company or organization on the following topics?

  • Conducting a qualitative study

  • Conducting a mixed methods study

  • Choosing an appropriate qualitative approach

  • Choosing the right mixed methods Design

  • Conducting a program evaluation

  • Conducting action research

  • Writing a methodology chapter of your qualitative research dissertation

  • Introduction to qualitative analysis

  • Analyzing qualitative data using qualitative data analysis software (such as NVivo, QDA Miner Lite and Dedoose)

  • Presenting qualitative findings

  • Understanding the role of machine learning in automated text analysis


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Webinar/Workshop Inquiry

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Promoting a Research Mindset

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