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Determining the focus of your Action Research Project

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Action research is a type of research conducted to examine a practical problem, determine a solution to a problem, and/or evaluate outcomes of an intervention (Craig, 2009; Larsen & Adu, 2021). Because one of the goals of conducting action research is to improve a professional practice, it is seen as a continuous research endeavor. Its cycle ends with coming up with an action plan which is informed by the action research findings. This proposed plan paves a way for the start of potentially another aspect of action research.

The question is how do you determine the focus of your action research?

  • If there is no problem encountered, do research to see whether there is a problem.

  • If there is a problem and you don’t fully understand it, do research to examine it.

  • If you understand the problem, do research to come up with potential solutions.

  • If there is a potential solution, do research to assess the impact of the solutions

What are your thoughts about action research?

What concerns do you have about action research?



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Larsen, H. G. & Adu, P. (2021). The theoretical framework in phenomenological research: Development and application. Oxford: Routledge


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